When you can play erotic online mini games?

Nobody doubts that having a good sex life as a couple improves the satisfaction of the members of it. And it is that the connection that is created between both in the intimate moments helps to overcome many delicate moments.Sex helps you in many ways, it not only gives you pleasure but improves your physical and mental health. To make this feelings more sensational, you can play erotic mini games online at free of costs. The more you see, the more you think, the more you play, the better you can score on bed. Get your mini erotic games today only in this website.

Games in bed to share with the couple

Sexual relationships are really pleasurable, but as the time in the couple’s relationship passes and the monotony gains ground, some couples let the flame of passion go out. Experts recommend that you be creative so that this does not happen. In the following lines you can find a selection of games in bed that will help you activate your sex life again.

Sexual temperature

One of the classics of games in bed is to play with the sensations of our body. To do this you simply need to grab an ice cube or catch a hot drink.  It is possible to apply ice directly on the body of the person you intend to stimulate, or put a moment in the mouth so that by practicing oral sex or licking the couple the sensations are different thanks to the cold tongue or hot.

The detainee

Another of the classic erotic games is to handcuff one of the couple’s members so they cannot move. In this game, a capture is usually simulated. One of the two members of the couple is tied hands and is at the mercy of the other person who is responsible for giving pleasure. This situation is very stimulating for many.

Sexual flavors

If the sensations of cold heat can be very pleasant, so can the flavors. There is nothing better than being with the person you love and also delighting the palate with chocolate, strawberries or ice cream. The taste of each person can change, although some classics are anointing body parts with chocolate and cleaning them with the tongue. Also eat strawberries and dig with the couple in an erotic way. The important thing is not to use your hands but everything else.

Conclusion: Massage to stimulate

The massages are always pleasant and relaxing, and are ideal to increase sexual arousal and cause a suitable climate for sexual intercourse. The massage can be carried out in the same bed, where the person receiving it should be comfortable face down. There are different types of oils with different aromas that produce different sensations. The touch, smell and feel of the oil can be very stimulating and a massage is ideal as a preliminary play in bed.