This Valentine’s Day Focus on Friends Not Lovers

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a day reserved for couples. There are plenty of activities just friends can get involved in only loosely based around Saint Valentine and his agenda. The important thing is it’s a day to rejoice in happiness and love, be it the romantic or the platonic kind. Contrary to what a lot of people may believe, it’s really not intended to make you feel bad about being single. Just look at the whole thing with a bit of lighthearted humour.

Throw a party
Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to invite friends over for a big bash. What’s more, it’s the ultimate reason to overindulge in cheesiness and kitsch. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on generic red heart-covered party accessories supermarkets throw your way from the first week of January onwards. Make your primary school arts and crafts teacher proud by making paper chains, fabric hearts and cardboard Cupids. Bake red and pink cupcakes, and serve colourful drinks like pink gin, red wine and cranberry juice. Compile a cringe-worthy playlist of tunes revolving around love (the 80s is a good era to start with, or Eurovision is an incredibly cheesy choice) and invite your friends to sing along. Make sure you provide a Cupid’s mailbox so guests can entertain themselves by sending each other gushy messages of love or simple friendly adoration. Most importantly, don’t forget to take videos throughout the evening to serve as an eternal reminder of the great fun you had “that epic Valentine’s Day…” when you were surrounded by people you really appreciate.

Invite friends over for a meal
Let’s be honest. Most people in relationships spend most of their free time with their other halves and less with their friends. Couples don’t need a reason to go out for a meal, a movie or a fancy night out. Make Valentine’s Day different by getting your friends together for a reunion. If you don’t fancy going out and being surrounded by loved up couples enjoying romantic dates, stay in and prepare dinner together. Look up recipes that you’ve never tried before or make it a potluck evening. For a laugh, suggest using ingredients known for their aphrodisiac qualities.

Host a movie marathon
The obvious choice is to select films based on love stories but there are many alternatives. Instead of tear-inducing blockbusters, go for less known independent movies on quirky friendships. Another idea is to watch documentaries about human attraction that often provide a fascinating scientific look at how people are drawn to each other and what it does to their emotions. If not on Valentine’s Day, when else will you ever watch something like that?

Give gifts to loved ones
Make everyone who has a place in your life feel loved on Valentine’s Day by giving out small token gifts. In February, shops are really keen on customers spending lots of money on tacky items. These are often destined to be discarded in the first few months following Valentine’s Day. Be different by choosing personalised items, or making them yourself.