Simple Romance Tip for the Simple Dude

Putting together the right kind of romance tip or technique doesn’t have to be a bunch of complex mumbo-jumbo. There are simple and effective ways a simple dude can win over a gal. Here is a proven, and effective romance tip that will not only work in the moment but will have lasting effects in the long run.

Basically you want to go with something easy that always works, gets attention, evokes romantic emotion, and so forth. And that can easily be accomplished with a small gift. But to make this gift different, and hence your status as a romantic type guy elevated, you have to add a few layers to that simple gift. We’ll take the example of a small, cheap, teddy bear which any simple dude can pick up at the store.

1. Take the bear and rip the thing open. That’s right, at the heart of the bear make an incision with your hunting knife or even a small pocket knife.

2. Next you want to place something inside that bear. Now this can range from concert tickets to jewelry to special chocolates, or something else you know the specific female would be into.

3. Next to top this romance tip off, you want to seal up the incision. The easy and effective way to do this is to get some sort of “heart sticker” and place it over the bear incision. Therefore it can be easily opened and then be able to be re-sealed. Always have an extra heart sticker on standby if the original doesn’t re-stick well enough.

The simple romance tips always win out, but when you add an extra layer to them, then forget about it. This romance tip automatically evokes the very important emotion of: “Wow, he really took some time and thought into this gift!” And this, simple dudes, carries a TON of weight! It can get you very, very, VERY far! This will also have an enormous lasting effect for future encounters, as every time she sees that unique heart stickered bear on her nightstand she’s going to be thinking of you, while automatically linking up romantic emotions.