How to say no to a woman?

You want to say no to a woman you like, but you are afraid? To displease her, to offend her, to see her push you away. But it’s the opposite!

When you’re in front of a woman who likes you, it’s perfectly normal to want to please her by doing what she loves and cares about. Sometimes, you are even tempted to bend over backward for her, which can be a proof of interest, but be careful not to go too far! Being a nice boy, OK, but it is out of the question to completely crush you. So how to tell her not without annoying and spoil the seduction that you have given yourself the trouble to put in place?

Say no to a woman without rejecting her

As you know, wiping a rejection can be experienced as a pure humiliation. So, to avoid hurting her, always be sure to say no to a specific situation or request, and never to the person.

It is better to refer to a situation that does not please you, does not tempt you or does not make you feel comfortable. On the other hand, you risk being very badly taken if you question the personal tastes of this woman, her habits, or her whole character. Does she want to see a romantic comedy at the cinema? Do not tell her that this kind of movie is too cul-cul or absolutely nil, but that you would prefer something different! Same thing if she offers you an evening in a nightclub. Do not answer that this is a place for “easy girls,” but explain that a cocktail in an intimate bar would allow you to have such a good time together!

In any case, try to propose an alternative because it shows that you still appreciate it and that you are still interested in it. Moreover, it also proves that you have a sense of compromise, a primordial quality in any human relationship, but especially in a relationship.

Thus, your “no” passes like a letter to the post office, and the woman understands your limits without it damaging the complicity that may have settled between you upstream.

Saying no to a woman to please her more

say no to a women

To know how to assert yourself is essential and even incredibly sexy! This woman you are trying to seduce needs a man who knows what he wants, who is not easily influenced and who can make decisions when necessary (and this is as seductive as elsewhere).

Saying no to a woman is also a way to show her more about your personality and to invite her a little more in your intimacy.

Do not hesitate if you feel the need to say no; go ahead firmly without going through four paths. The more you turn around the bush, and not only will you be less understood, but also, the more you lose value in his eyes. Not to mention that, in this way, you risk creating tension between you.

You do not have to try to justify yourself as if you were doing something wrong. It is in your right to decline situations that do not suit you, and contrary to your fears, she will appreciate your frankness. On the other hand, it will be necessary to ask questions if you say no to everything: either you have a character of the pig, or this woman is not made for you!