Eight Important Reasons for Sex in Marriage

Sexual intercourse can be very pleasurable and enjoyable to men and women. However, it is an art that must be learnt and developed. Sex is not scoring 100 out 100 for your performance. It is about having fun with your partner and showing care.Therefore, couples should relax and be prepared to learn about a new world of romance.Sex enhances the love between the husband and the wife. It brings couples close together and most hard feelings melt during and after sex.

Below are eight reasons sex is very vital in marriages:

1. Pleasure

Sex for pleasure is sex in which both partners set out to give and derive maximum excitement. Sex for pleasure is not a performance to display sexual prowess but it involves having real fun with your spouse.

2. As a duty

It is common for a wife to be uninterested or reluctant to have sex because she is emotionally dissatisfied, tired or sick. This natural fallout of events has led to the break-up of many marriages. Let not defraud, cheat, or torture each other by unexpectedly denying or depriving each other of sex. It is your duty to have sex with your partner quiet often. Remember that each time we abstain from sex it must be by mutual consent.

3. Reproduction

Reproduction is one of the products of sex. However, when children enter into world outside the medium of marriage, they are handicapped and often turn out to be delinquent.

4. A way of staying close together as a couple.

The sexual life of a couple is a thermometer of their relationship and love. When the relationship is healthy and strong, they will have sex frequently e.g. honeymoon and early period of marriage. A sign that a couple are no longer close is that they have not had sex for some time. For example, if a couple has not had sex for 1 month, it is a sure sign that they are not flowing together. If they have not had sex for 3 months, it is a sign of serious marital problems.

5. Regular sex prevents adultery.

Wives must realize that it is in their own interest to have sex regularly with their husbands so that they will not be interested in other girls they meet outside the home everyday. Remember that when you are hungry, every food in town looks good to you! Man, always leave home full!

6. A way of expressing your love to your wife or husband.

Romantic behaviour such as kissing, petting, fondling is not meant for sinful boyfriend and girlfriend relationships but for properly married couples. Couples are encouraged to behave romantically.

7. Sex can be a happy ending to some quarrels.

A wife who wants to calm her husband down can have sex with him. However, sex is not substitute for discussing the issue.

8. Sex can be a way of releasing tension.

Sexual activity releases endorphins or causes relaxation that can be useful for a pastor preparing to preach, or for a student going to write an exam, or for someone attending an interview, or for a footballer who is tensed up for a match.

Hey! enjoy your sex life with gladness!