Romance – A Powerful Ingredient To Sexual Bliss

Romance is an absolute certainty which boosts sexual satisfaction. Romance is not just physical connection but also emotional and mental connection. For your woman to achieve sexual bliss, a very good amount of stimulation and emotion has to be driven inside of her. How do you guarantee emotional and mental connection in your woman?

Here are guaranteed tips on how to spark up romance in your relationships.


There is not a single woman who does not like to be flirt with and teased. Hold her hands and get talking to her, take her out on a romantic date out for dinner, or to the park. Do a lot of talking. You can start by talking about what you like about her, how she looks tonight. Now try this indoors, light a few candles and set up a mood for two, put in a sexy soft number and hold her very close to you. This will make her feel cherished and wanted and will get her libido high in a very little time.


Surprise her by being different. If you keep repeating the same routine, things will pretty soon go down the hill. Women like new spirit of adventure in a man, this will keep her anticipated.


This is very important. To be able to get your woman ready and in the mood for sexual intercourse, you must be primed and well stimulated. Women have erogenous hot spots so use your tongue, fingers, to kiss, caress and fondle her hot buttons.

If you do not engage in foreplay, your woman will not be adequately stimulated before penetration which in some cases causes painful penetration and an unsatisfactory sex experience.

Take your time, there is no point rushing.


Try to be accustomed to different sex position and techniques, like I said earlier, always be different. So if you are always using the missionary style of sex, try something else or you can still hold on to sex position but add style, instead of using the bed, use the reading table, make her lay on the table and you on your feet while your bless her with your thrusts.

Personally, my favourite sex position is the doggy style because you have more chances of giving her a g-spot orgasm. However, there is a major problem that prevents so many guys from giving their woman earth shattering orgasm. This is the issue of premature ejaculation.

Four Sex Tips To Make Your Sex Life More Interesting

Learn about four fantastic sex tips in this article for improving your sex life. These are especially useful for those in long term relationships but can be used by anyone, even very casual relationships.

1. Put the romance back into your life. With longer term relationships things can go stale and the romance can often vanish. This can affect the levels of intimacy and appreciation for each other as lovers, so it is a great idea to add a bit of romance.

This can include anything from a romantic dinner date, a home cooked candle lit meal, leaving roses on the bed for your lover to discover, to any number of small gifts and gestures.

In fact a little romantic gesture rather than a gift is more powerful, for example, giving your lover a foot massage as an entrance to foreplay and sex.

2. A great way to spice up your sex life is to simply have sex in rooms other than the bedroom. Try the following experiment for one month. Do not have sex in the bedroom for the entire month and make sure to have sex in every other room in the house.

Often just a simple change of location in where you have sex will add a lot of renewed excitement to your sex life. So try the kitchen, living room, dining room, hallway and bathroom.

3. In addition to having sex in different rooms have sex at different times to when you usually do it. Having spontaneity in terms of when you have sex will add another element of freshness to your sex life that will pump some extra excitement into it.

For example, instead of waiting until 9 in the evening give your partner oral sex before they go to work in the morning. You can combine this with making them breakfast too and really make their day!

4. No matter how conservative you are it’s important to be willing to try new and different things to add some much needed spice to your sex life. This can range from a new sexual position and watching an erotic movie during foreplay, to roleplaying and using sex toys.

It’s important to know that when trying out new things sometimes it might feel silly and you won’t really get into it, but with other things it can be a major turn on and you would have never known it until you tried it out. So don’t be scared to learn new things and experiment.

Eight Important Reasons for Sex in Marriage

Sexual intercourse can be very pleasurable and enjoyable to men and women. However, it is an art that must be learnt and developed. Sex is not scoring 100 out 100 for your performance. It is about having fun with your partner and showing care.Therefore, couples should relax and be prepared to learn about a new world of romance.Sex enhances the love between the husband and the wife. It brings couples close together and most hard feelings melt during and after sex.

Below are eight reasons sex is very vital in marriages:

1. Pleasure

Sex for pleasure is sex in which both partners set out to give and derive maximum excitement. Sex for pleasure is not a performance to display sexual prowess but it involves having real fun with your spouse.

2. As a duty

It is common for a wife to be uninterested or reluctant to have sex because she is emotionally dissatisfied, tired or sick. This natural fallout of events has led to the break-up of many marriages. Let not defraud, cheat, or torture each other by unexpectedly denying or depriving each other of sex. It is your duty to have sex with your partner quiet often. Remember that each time we abstain from sex it must be by mutual consent.

3. Reproduction

Reproduction is one of the products of sex. However, when children enter into world outside the medium of marriage, they are handicapped and often turn out to be delinquent.

4. A way of staying close together as a couple.

The sexual life of a couple is a thermometer of their relationship and love. When the relationship is healthy and strong, they will have sex frequently e.g. honeymoon and early period of marriage. A sign that a couple are no longer close is that they have not had sex for some time. For example, if a couple has not had sex for 1 month, it is a sure sign that they are not flowing together. If they have not had sex for 3 months, it is a sign of serious marital problems.

5. Regular sex prevents adultery.

Wives must realize that it is in their own interest to have sex regularly with their husbands so that they will not be interested in other girls they meet outside the home everyday. Remember that when you are hungry, every food in town looks good to you! Man, always leave home full!

6. A way of expressing your love to your wife or husband.

Romantic behaviour such as kissing, petting, fondling is not meant for sinful boyfriend and girlfriend relationships but for properly married couples. Couples are encouraged to behave romantically.

7. Sex can be a happy ending to some quarrels.

A wife who wants to calm her husband down can have sex with him. However, sex is not substitute for discussing the issue.

8. Sex can be a way of releasing tension.

Sexual activity releases endorphins or causes relaxation that can be useful for a pastor preparing to preach, or for a student going to write an exam, or for someone attending an interview, or for a footballer who is tensed up for a match.

Hey! enjoy your sex life with gladness!

Simple Romance Tip for the Simple Dude

Putting together the right kind of romance tip or technique doesn’t have to be a bunch of complex mumbo-jumbo. There are simple and effective ways a simple dude can win over a gal. Here is a proven, and effective romance tip that will not only work in the moment but will have lasting effects in the long run.

Basically you want to go with something easy that always works, gets attention, evokes romantic emotion, and so forth. And that can easily be accomplished with a small gift. But to make this gift different, and hence your status as a romantic type guy elevated, you have to add a few layers to that simple gift. We’ll take the example of a small, cheap, teddy bear which any simple dude can pick up at the store.

1. Take the bear and rip the thing open. That’s right, at the heart of the bear make an incision with your hunting knife or even a small pocket knife.

2. Next you want to place something inside that bear. Now this can range from concert tickets to jewelry to special chocolates, or something else you know the specific female would be into.

3. Next to top this romance tip off, you want to seal up the incision. The easy and effective way to do this is to get some sort of “heart sticker” and place it over the bear incision. Therefore it can be easily opened and then be able to be re-sealed. Always have an extra heart sticker on standby if the original doesn’t re-stick well enough.

The simple romance tips always win out, but when you add an extra layer to them, then forget about it. This romance tip automatically evokes the very important emotion of: “Wow, he really took some time and thought into this gift!” And this, simple dudes, carries a TON of weight! It can get you very, very, VERY far! This will also have an enormous lasting effect for future encounters, as every time she sees that unique heart stickered bear on her nightstand she’s going to be thinking of you, while automatically linking up romantic emotions.

Romance Tip – Very Effective Method

Finding a good romance tip can be a predictable and boring affair. So many little tips you’ve heard before fills the majority of your search. Here i give a workable, proven, and effective romance tip that will not only work in the moment but will have lasting effects in the long run.

So whats this underground romance tip? It involves “having layers”. Now this romance tip can be applied to whatever particular type of romancing you may have in mind. But we’re going to look at the angle of gift giving for romantic purposes. Something romantic one often does is give there sweetheart a little gift, whether it be out of the blue or for a particular occasion. ALWAYS layer that gift.

Say it’s a little teddy bear we’re using as the object for our romance tip. Well that’s all sweet and nice, albeit generic, overdone, and boring. But, take that bear and rip it open. Now no doubt i’ll have a hundred dudes ripping off the bears head, “Ok, what now Chess? Let’s hear the next step in this romance tip.” Well first sew the head back on. Better yet don’t rip off the head in the first place, instead make a relatively small and careful incision at the HEART of the bear.

Alright, now from there, shove inside that damn bear, uh, excuse me…delicately place inside that sweet bear, an even smaller item of your choice, the most obvious thing would be a piece of jewelry, say a ring or necklace. Other romance tip object options could be anything from your girl’s favorite piece of chocolate wrapped up, tickets to a concert, or something else you think would work great. Now wait, we’re not done. There’s more to this romance tip.

After you stuff whatever in the bear, we now need to seal it, right? “So we have to sew the damn thing back together Chess?” No, no, not at all. This is what we do. We seal the hole area back up…with a sticker. A HEART sticker! That’s right, shouldn’t be to hard to find a generic heart sticker at the drugstore, just smack that heart sticker on our romance tip bear to cover up the surgery. Also, include another heart sticker in the package, so when you ask her “hmm..i wonder what the heart holds?” And she takes off the sticker to find her romance tip object, then we’ll have a fresh second sticker to put back on. And, the heart sticker indeed adds, another layer to this three layered romance tip.

So the point of this layering romance tip, is that the present is going to mean so much more with the added element of our romance tip object, and the element of “hands on care”. Actually taking the time and thought to do all this means an enormous amount to a gal.

Second, this romance tip is going to have a HUGE impact compared to if you just gave her a single layer gift. She is going to be on the phone with her girlfriends telling them how cute the whole thing was. Her girlfriends are going to be razzing their boyfriends and you’ll start getting calls from other dude’s on romance tip pointers. Like where exactly do you make the incision in the teddy bear.

Third, and this is key, she’s going to remember it. Not only because it was a cute experience, but because she’s going to have the damn bear sitting somewhere nearby with the heart sticker on it! Think about it, that heart sticker separates that bear from all her other bears, and has much more meaning as it showed just how cute and thoughtful you were, which makes this romance tip one that carries long term impressions!