10 Feb 2014 --- Mid adult man interacting with screen of digital tablet --- Image by © Kathleen Finlay/Corbis

Can An Online Relationship Be Successful?

Is it really possible to meet someone online, start dating and get married eventually? Maybe someone you know has already done so. However, you just don’t believe that it is possible. Can it really be that easy? Can a casual online relationship turn into a serious one? Surely, there must be more failure than success stories when it comes to online dating.

Well, your assumption may be wrong. At least according to a new survey in which around 20,000 couples have participated. These couples got married between 2005 and 2012. This surprising poll was conducted by the National Academy of Science. The results are quite unexpected. Almost 35 percent of them first got to know their spouse online. Among those 35 percent, 50 percent started from online dating sites.

This research is considered a breath of fresh air. Now, we know that many couples first met online. We also know that the number is growing at a rapid rate. Most importantly, most of those couples are really satisfied with their relationship and are in a happy and stable marriage. This is supported by the fact that only six percent of couples who met online ended up in a divorce. On the other hand, among couples who met offline, eight percent ended up in divorce.

What can you really learn from this study? Does it mean that you will have a great relationship if you start dating online? Well, of course not! This is just a study after all and it does not necessary mean that you need to go through the same route for your relationship. However, there is probably a lesson or two you can learn from this research. What makes online relationship more stable and successful in the first place? Aren’t you interested to find out more?

1. One possible reason is that people who are dating online are already keen to get married. Therefore, they already have the right mindset and attitude towards marriage.

2. Due to the nature of online dating, people are more critical and thorough when it comes to picking a date.

3. The Internet is huge and anyone can sign up for a profile. Therefore, there are more choices compared to offline dating.
Of course, there is no need for you to shut the door for offline dating and jump into online dating immediately. Ultimately, people can easily hide their real intention when they are behind a computer screen. Most people are really looking for a life partner. But there will always be malicious people taking advantage of this situation. Therefore, if you are dating online, you need learn how to protect yourself.

If you are already in a relationship, it is important to treasure it. It doesn’t matter whether the relationship first started online or offline. If you really want the relationship to last, you need to be willing to work on it. Relationship takes effort. It needs constant nurturing. Just because a relationship started online doesn’t necessary mean it will have more chance for success. Ultimately, it all depends on the individuals involved in the relationship. Are both of you willing to work together to bring the relationship to the next level? That is all that matters.