Romance – A Powerful Ingredient To Sexual Bliss

Romance is an absolute certainty which boosts sexual satisfaction. Romance is not just physical connection but also emotional and mental connection. For your woman to achieve sexual bliss, a very good amount of stimulation and emotion has to be driven inside of her. How do you guarantee emotional and mental connection in your woman?

Here are guaranteed tips on how to spark up romance in your relationships.


There is not a single woman who does not like to be flirt with and teased. Hold her hands and get talking to her, take her out on a romantic date out for dinner, or to the park. Do a lot of talking. You can start by talking about what you like about her, how she looks tonight. Now try this indoors, light a few candles and set up a mood for two, put in a sexy soft number and hold her very close to you. This will make her feel cherished and wanted and will get her libido high in a very little time.


Surprise her by being different. If you keep repeating the same routine, things will pretty soon go down the hill. Women like new spirit of adventure in a man, this will keep her anticipated.


This is very important. To be able to get your woman ready and in the mood for sexual intercourse, you must be primed and well stimulated. Women have erogenous hot spots so use your tongue, fingers, to kiss, caress and fondle her hot buttons.

If you do not engage in foreplay, your woman will not be adequately stimulated before penetration which in some cases causes painful penetration and an unsatisfactory sex experience.

Take your time, there is no point rushing.


Try to be accustomed to different sex position and techniques, like I said earlier, always be different. So if you are always using the missionary style of sex, try something else or you can still hold on to sex position but add style, instead of using the bed, use the reading table, make her lay on the table and you on your feet while your bless her with your thrusts.

Personally, my favourite sex position is the doggy style because you have more chances of giving her a g-spot orgasm. However, there is a major problem that prevents so many guys from giving their woman earth shattering orgasm. This is the issue of premature ejaculation.

Is Dating a buddy The Best Idea?

If you have a real close friend, they ought to have most of the same likes and characteristics you’d want for inside a potential match. Loyalty, responsive to your emotions and share exactly the same interests while you, this is exactly what makes any friendship or relationship thrive and perhaps lounging the research for any effective lengthy term relationship together with your right diamond necklace. Everyone knows that buddies dating could possibly be the right factor but simultaneously we all know that there’s a drawback which can transport lots of risk. Below are great tips that will help you determine whether it’s worth putting your friendship in danger:

Think about the effects when the relationship fails-

Do you want to face the potential reality of losing your friendship over your relationship? The large benefit of buddies dating is you realize that potential match well and therefore are already confident with one another so you do not have the first dating stage of understanding one another and that’s frequently probably the most awkward here we are at singles, and dating a buddy whom you already worry about is a lot simpler. However, you have to conduct a “gut” check and think about your reason for motivated up to now your friend, is the feelings only a physical attraction or could they be much deeper than that? It isn’t worth losing a friendship over feelings that according to attraction only. Effective relationships derive from chemistry and compatibility.

Search for hints inside your conversations as well as their body gestures-

Watch carefully for signs with what they are saying as well as their body gestures to find out if they’re showing you an identical feelings. If you’re getting hints the feelings are mutual then continuing to move forward right into a relationship together could be more natural and possibility of creating a lengthy term effective relationship. However, in case your friend continues to speak about their attraction with other singles then regrettably the emotions aren’t mutual and you ought to withdraw. When thinking about dating a buddy, it is crucial that you will find obvious indications that you simply share exactly the same feelings for one another.

What goes on when the friendship switched relationship fails?

Now that you’ve got accepted into a romantic relationship and things did not go as thought or planned, it will likely be very difficult and doubtful that the relationship will go back to the actual way it was before. However, that could grow to be an optimistic factor since you have because of the relationship a go and learned that you’re best to stay buddies. Best Of Luck and Happy Online Personals Dating to any or all Singles

Six Tips For Boomer Dating Success

Let’s face it: Dating is daunting. And when you’re a Boomer, it may seem next to impossible. You might be coming out of a long-term marriage, or emerging from a period of time where you were consumed with raising children or caring for elderly parents — or, perhaps you still are responsible for children and/parents. Have your “dating muscles” atrophied? You might feel like you don’t have the slightest idea how to go about flirting, meeting the opposite sex, much less handling issues of sexually transmitted diseases. You might feel like your body is old or unattractive. Disrobing in front of a romantic partner? Definitely not.

Plus, today’s dating world doesn’t remotely resemble the one you knew. How proactive are women supposed to be? Is the third-date rule (for having sex) still in effect? Just how do you handle an HIV discussion? Is online dating reliable, safe, or even effective? And all these questions and difficulties are magnified for female Boomers, who outnumber their male counterparts and also have to compete with younger women.

Yet many Boomers, including women, have gone out there and had the fun and excitement of their teenage years all over again (and with the wisdom of the years, it’s even better!). A 54 year-old artist recently e-mailed me about her new Boomer boyfriend:

Joe adores me. He tells me I am a treasure, a rare beauty. I make him feel alive after so many years of being dead. Joe loves my voice, my thoughts, my work. He bought riding boots and we went riding together. His 95-year-old mom in Miami wants to see my photo.

Many Boomers have created love in their lives — the kind of deeply fulfilling love that offers true friendship along with the chemistry of lovers. Love, of course, is good for us. Research shows that married people are healthier both emotionally and physically. And having sex is good for us, too. Research shows that an active sex life may lead to a longer life, a better immune system, greater heart health, improved mood, even the ability to prevent certain cancers and ward off pain. Intercourse typically burns around 200 calories, which is equivalent to running on the treadmill for 30 minutes! And both activities release endorphins, which elevate mood and lower pain levels.

Once you take the dating plunge, you may be very pleasantly surprised at the possibilities, especially in online dating. This goes for female Boomers too. They often report that once they start, they feel more confident, more clear about what they want and therefore, more attractive! Female Boomers are more empowered and more affluent than ever before. The good news is that often, younger women cannot compete with them for a male Boomer’s attention. The thirty-somethings are too active and demanding in terms of nightlife and other activities, whereas a Boomer man may prefer the seasoned wise companionship of a woman who has been there and done that. In other words, both male and female Boomers are in a position to pick and choose who they want to date.

And there is plenty to pick and choose from. A recent survey showed that 70 percent of single baby Boomers actively date. And 45 percent of men and 38 percent of women between the ages of 40 and 59 have sex once a week. Boomers have taken to online dating in increasing numbers. Two of the most popular online dating sites known for their younger clientele, reported a 39 percent increase in Boomer use from 2003-2006.

Here’s what Shirley, a 50-year-old divorcee is experiencing: I just met another amazing guy. This one actually was suggested by my site. I winked. He e-mailed. I e-mailed back. He called me and we had a fabulous conversation. He was so easy to talk to. He seemed honest and sincere. I asked some pretty blunt questions that he happily answered in good detail. And he’s tall! He created a business and sold it in 2006 because he had plenty of money and wanted to do something else. On the other hand, Bill, the writer, is coming out this afternoon. We are going to the beach. Bill says that he has written a poem for me…

So, what are you waiting for? Join the party!

The formula for successful Boomer dating

Tip 1: Bring out your charisma. Find activities that you truly adore and that create happiness and joy in your life. Ideally, pick activities that will transform both the inner and outer you. Take a personal growth course; learn to meditate; or start a spiritual practice.

Tip 2: Take care of you. For the outer (and inner) you, start a regular exercise program. It is definitely the fountain of youth. Give yourself a makeover so that you look great in your own eyes. Get that trendy haircut, go shopping and try out those clothes that your friend wears that give him/her a sexy, attractive or powerful look.

Tip 3: Don’t be shy to advertise. Then put out the word in your network that you are ready to date. Seventy-two percent of relationships come from a person’s network of friends, co-workers, and family. At first, don’t be picky — simply tell folks you are looking for a wonderful person.

Tip 4: Go where the singles go. Go where the opposite sex (or same sex, if you prefer) is. If you like what you see, smile, make eye contact, give a sincere compliment or ask for some help. Sign up for on-going classes/activities that interest you and that have potential dates in them. For example, courses on finance, investing, sports and leadership; snowboarding/skiing; hiking; and cigar tasting usually have a lot of men in them. If you’re a Boomer male, women are attracted to growth, craft, cooking, or spiritual courses. If you’re not sure, ask the enroller about the ratio of men to women. There are many other fun activities, classes, and clubs so Google any class/topic plus “your city” and “classes.”

Tip 5: Definitely do not miss out on online dating. Using the Internet is essential because it gives you a sense of the wide variety of singles that are out there right now. Sixteen million singles are dating online in the U.S. according to the latest independent research. You can partake of this smorgasbord of possibilities right there at your computer. Spend the time and work two sites. Boomers can also use more specialized sites like ones for Christians, Jews, or those looking for same-sex romance.

Tip 6: Put some time into it. Most people spend more time planning a vacation than they do planning their dating lives. And they get great vacations and little-to-no love life! So if you want to date, get out your calendar and set aside 8 to 10 hours per week to spend on going to courses. Then work your online dating program so that you are actually going out on dates.