Tips on Bullies and Friend Divorce

I remember the day like it was yesterday, I even remember what I was wearing (!). One day I was best friends with her and the next day it was as if I never existed. And it was that next day that our friendship ended. It was over. Poof! Just like that. She would not return my calls, look at me in the hall, or return my notes in class. Although I had no idea at the time, I was experiencing friend divorce from one of my very “best friends”. Now, as an adult, I do not regret a single moment of this experience since it taught me valuable life lessons about friendship and relationships in general. However, it was a painful experience and one that certainly left its mark. What would you have said to yourself?

1. Get Help –

Don’t do it alone. Look for another friend who can support you through this. Talk to friends who have been through this or are your very true friends. If you don’t have a friend, share this experience with your parent(s). Perhaps they have an experience they can share so you don’t feel so alone. Let the guidance counselor know or talk to your favorite teacher about it. The most important thing is that you talk to someone who gets it, someone who knows what is going on and someone who can support you.

2. Lose Them –

If you are miserable for one reason or another and you think continuing to hang around this friend/group will make you happier, it won’t. Find the people you like, someone that shares your interests, that you have fun with and hang out with them instead. Friendships are just one area of relationships. If friendships are hard right now, can you focus more on other relationships? For example, one with a sibling, teacher, coach, tutor, babysitter, grandparent, etc. These relationships deeply affect us too and they might just feel more successful than our friendships right now.

3. Get It Out –

Get a journal or diary and begin to write or draw out your feelings. Paint, dance, do karate, write a song, play an instrument, run on a track, play a sport. Do anything you can to get these feelings of pain and loneliness out. Find your passion and spend time and energy exploring it. Be seen and heard with other positive outlets.

4. Do Something –

Keep your brain stimulated and focused on other things. Volunteer, join a club, make some art. Find a different community of people that can make a difference in your life and the lives of others. Choose an activity that you are valued for the contribution that you are making rather than the clothes you are wearing. When we focus on other things outside of ourselves we are reminded of all the other qualities and strengths we carry. Once we tap into those other strengths we naturally feel better about ourselves and put a different vibe or energy out to others. This new found energy will give us even more strength to stand up for ourselves and make better decisions in the future.

As adults we have so many life experiences under our belts, so many stories of strength, courage, hardship and possibilities to share. Which one is appropriate to share with your child? Help your child feel emotionally stronger and more self-loving.

How Online Dating For Professionals Should Be

Online dating has helped a lot of people. Most of this people do not have time to date the traditional way. Professionals are some of the people who rarely have time to date. Dating for professionals will ensure that single professionals get the right match. Life is just not complete when you have a need to extend and receive love. This is the major motivating factor to find a partner. Professionals can find many online dating sites which provide this essential service. It really does not matter what line of profession you are in. From the fields of medicine to media and entrepreneurship, you are certain to find a date. Online dating for professionals can be pretty exciting. There are singles who have interests in particular singles in certain professions. This way, they can enjoy both worlds and find pleasure and fulfillment. The process of finding an online dating site for professionals is pretty easy. This is only when you know what you are looking for. First, spare some time and go through the Internet as you begin your search. As a professional, you have an edge. This is because you will be able to identify exactly what you want. The display of information and the language they use must appeal to you. This is the best way to identify their professionalism.

A site for dating for professionals, needs to have the right variety of professional singles in their date banks. If you are looking for something specific like lawyers, you should be able to find exactly that. The process of joining that particular site that offers services for online dating for professionals must be easy and fast. Complications and long processes will only deter clients. Many online dating for professionals sites are easy to use. As a professional, it is vital to find out what you have to gain when you sign up with a service. Apart from a good match, services come with facilities that will ensure you date in an efficient manner. For example, message boards and chatting facilities. Others offer voice dating and even virtual dating. The choice is all yours. The process of looking for a good site might be a long one and, you can narrow your search. Look for the top professional online dating sites and begin from there. Know the exact the qualities you are looking for in a partner. When you find the right site, you will be required to write what you would want in a partner. This bit is usually very important because it determines the kind of partner you get matched to. Your own profile needs to be accurate and honest.

When you get into online dating, you will definitely regret why you had not joined sooner. It is fun and exciting. Include a photo for your profile to give you better results. It will not take you long to find a man or woman who you not only admire but, appreciate their profession. Have fun as you make your connection.

Four Sex Tips To Make Your Sex Life More Interesting

Learn about four fantastic sex tips in this article for improving your sex life. These are especially useful for those in long term relationships but can be used by anyone, even very casual relationships.

1. Put the romance back into your life. With longer term relationships things can go stale and the romance can often vanish. This can affect the levels of intimacy and appreciation for each other as lovers, so it is a great idea to add a bit of romance.

This can include anything from a romantic dinner date, a home cooked candle lit meal, leaving roses on the bed for your lover to discover, to any number of small gifts and gestures.

In fact a little romantic gesture rather than a gift is more powerful, for example, giving your lover a foot massage as an entrance to foreplay and sex.

2. A great way to spice up your sex life is to simply have sex in rooms other than the bedroom. Try the following experiment for one month. Do not have sex in the bedroom for the entire month and make sure to have sex in every other room in the house.

Often just a simple change of location in where you have sex will add a lot of renewed excitement to your sex life. So try the kitchen, living room, dining room, hallway and bathroom.

3. In addition to having sex in different rooms have sex at different times to when you usually do it. Having spontaneity in terms of when you have sex will add another element of freshness to your sex life that will pump some extra excitement into it.

For example, instead of waiting until 9 in the evening give your partner oral sex before they go to work in the morning. You can combine this with making them breakfast too and really make their day!

4. No matter how conservative you are it’s important to be willing to try new and different things to add some much needed spice to your sex life. This can range from a new sexual position and watching an erotic movie during foreplay, to roleplaying and using sex toys.

It’s important to know that when trying out new things sometimes it might feel silly and you won’t really get into it, but with other things it can be a major turn on and you would have never known it until you tried it out. So don’t be scared to learn new things and experiment.

Exactly What A Faltering Relationship Appears Like

Individuals faltering relationships-or individuals which have already split-may look nearly the same as their healthier counterparts at first glance. The variations become apparent when they’re confronted with a tough patch. Utilizing the same examples as above, here are the ways couples in danger may handle the situations:

• Arguments – Disagreements take place in all relationships. For unhealthy couples, however, they may be particularly damaging. Instead of cooperating to resolve issues, partners may insist upon “winning” constantly, each time. Or, one partner may dominate heated exchanges and become reluctant to allow another partner obtain a word in edgewise. Listening skills are frequently poorly developed, and there’s an overt insufficient respect. There’s no make an effort to see eye-to-eye in order to achieve an agreement. Very unhealthy couples may allow tempers to flare unmanageable, with hostile disputes sometimes resulting in violence.

• Money – This hot-button issue has a tendency to break out even hotter in unhealthy relationships. Partners may won’t interact on financing. Either partners may disregard budgets, hide purchases, lie about expenses, and much more. Unhealthy couples may maintain their very own financial accounts and neglect to lead to some joint account. Or, they might disregard prior plans towards the hindrance from the couple’s financial (and relationship) health.

• Secrets – Unhealthy couples have a tendency to keep secrets from one another about all kinds of things. Honesty and openness will not take part in the connection. Even small secrets can undermine trust, which forms the building blocks of the strong, healthy, and fulfilling relationship.

• Everyday living – Couples in relationships that aren’t inherently healthy could have moments once they help one another on each day-to-day basis. However, they might spend more money of time attempting to please themselves rather of acting within the needs of the partners as well as their relationships. It is the web site team effort along with a solo adventure having a partner along for that ride.

• Outdoors friendships – In unhealthy relationships, outdoors friendships might be considered more essential compared to couple itself. Additional time might be spent with buddies compared to the partner, showing too little courtesy and respect. Another partner’s feelings, concerns, and requires might not be considered.

Unhealthy relationships may begin off on the healthy feet, however degrade with time. When couples try to rebuild solid foundations and operate with honesty, respect, and understanding, they are able to frequently overcome damage. When either partners neglect to think about the needs of each other in everyday existence, potential disaster is imminent.

three reasons to Delegate Live Chat

No more is in person or even the phone primary types of communication it is now mostly carried out by text. It is common, then, of these visitors to desire to use an identical type of communication when searching for or shopping on the web. The written text-type type of communication is really a method for companies to achieve an increasing population of shoppers, which is known as Live Chat.

Getting live chat online greatly increases the probability of consumers spending additional time on the website and becoming towards the goal, i.e. buying. The issue, then, is how will you implement live chat online that’s both economical and delivers results? The reply is to delegate talk to someone who is experienced within this unique customer support experience. Here are three good reasons to delegate live chat.

Dedicated and Specialized Agents

While on an outsourced partner, companies can depend on persistence for this function. Unlike sales departments where agents may answer phones, react to emails along with other correspondence, outsourced chat teams are often focused on only taking chats. This enables the agent to become a specialist in chat. The greater chats they require a company, the greater knowledgeable from the services and products they become.

What’s worse these days getting live chat online? Getting live chat, but nobody ready to answer whenever a customer needs assistance. When this happens, most consumers only will leave the website and go elsewhere. Outsourcing live talk to someone will assist you to make sure that no customer ever goes unwatched. An active chat answering service has a group available 24×7, with agents capable of taking multiple chats concurrently. Are you aware that most agents can process about 800 chats monthly?

Affordability and Immediate Results

The price of employees is generally among the greatest expenses within an organization. It is not only the price of the salary, but recruiting, employment cost, work place, equipment and also the infrastructure it requires to aid them. The chat outsourcing partner concentrates on the management piece, allowing the company to pay attention to is a result of chat and defining the kind of experience you would like these potential customers to possess through chat.

The cost in the outsourced chat team shouldn’t be regarded as an expense but because a good investment. Chat is one thing that provides immediate returns, and with respect to the profit from the service or product, have enough money itself in a couple of effective chats or perhaps one effective chat. The Return on investment on outsourcing chat services is incorporated in the countless percent.

Chat Operators are not only Customer Support Reps

Although you will see similarities during these two, a great customer support repetition doesn’t always create a good chat operator. In many sales departments, software is made for the agents to complete very little typing as you possibly can to lessen average call time. Communication is clearly verbal, so you can easily know very well what the caller is requiring and simple to share an amiable, useful tone.

In chat, all communication is handled via typing, therefore the agent MUST type fast, use proper grammar, punctuation and spelling. They have to do that while meeting the visitor’s needs, conveying an amiable and useful tone and get it done timely. For chats, most questions are generic and could be predicted. This is when FAQs are essential to steer chat teams in assisting visitors. The more agents service a website, the greater knowledgeable they become.

The Science and art of Live Chat

There’s a lot which goes into applying a great chat platform online. The types of buttons, placements and the way to correctly use positive invites are only a couple of factors. Surprisingly, it’s not exactly the same for each business type. You need to comprehend the audience you are attempting to interact and tailor every single element of the talk to achieve the finest quantity of consumers. Font, colors, timing and flow of positive invites are critical. And we’ve not even started speaking about team training and making certain the chat agents are fluent within the service or product.

A great delegate partner will understand these elements, constantly review record data for every business making alterations in dial in the greatest results. In conventional customer support, there’s no control of someone calling in to the answering services company. However with chat, strategies to assist the customer to take part in chat. This is very tricky. It can’t be too aggressive and switch the customer away, yet it can’t be so passive that couple of participate in chat.

The Economics of Online Adult Dating

There is a significant correlation between online adult dating and the economic repercussions it can have on you. Put simply, it can save you money. And lots of it.

As of the writing of this post, the dollar is weak, and only getting weaker. The markets are weakening as they go through their respective “corrections”. The price of heating oil and fuel has been skyrocketing. Foreclosures are on the rise and things are beginning to look a little bleak for the winter months. What does this have to do with online adult dating?

It costs money to date. Not only that, it costs money to meet. And this is where I will start. If you want to meet other singles, normally you would consider a bar or club the starting point for your adult dating endeavors. As you already know, when you go to a bar, it is not an automatic truth that you will meet a potential dating partner every time you frequent your establishment of choice. It may take several visits of patronizing such establishments before you ever even meet someone. What do most people do at bars? People consume. People consume beverages, whether alcoholic or not, and eat food. Well, this stuff costs money and it can add up very quickly. One night at such an establishment can cost $30 to $50 for one person. That’s a lot of dough to dish out for one night if your intent is to meet someone in the adult dating scene, let alone if you go out on Friday and Saturday night every weekend. See where I’m going with this?

So you are spending all of this money to meet an interesting single. What happens when you do meet a potential dating partner at such a place? How conducive to forming an adult dating relationship is the establishment that you are at? Are you able to speak naturally, without the need to yell? Are you offered the ability to have a meaningful one on one conversation? See Why I Hate The Bar Scene for more on this topic.

Let’s say that you do meet a potential dating partner after a few visits to these establishments. By this time, you’ve already spent a good amount of money. You’ve had a brief phone conversation or two and you decide to go on a date, because traditionally, this is how the progression of the traditional dating scene works. You go on your date and it does not work out between you and what you thought may have been your new adult dating partner. Guess what? You just spent more money and now you are back to square one. The entire process starts over. Rinse and repeat.

Now, think about the alternative that is readily available to break this cycle and save you money. For a little less than one night at the bar you could have joined an online adult dating site for one month. You could have been corresponding to other singles with the same mindset as you and meeting potential dating partners every day of the week, not just a night or two on the weekend.

I hope you can see the amount of money that you can save by simply joining an online adult dating site. Not only that, these sites are highly targeted places to meet people. It’s a dating site, that’s why people are there. They are not there to eat, they are there to meet like minded individuals. Not only that, the channels available for correspondence are much more conducive than waiting until you go out to dinner and needlessly spend more money, only to find that you are not a good fit.

Eight Important Reasons for Sex in Marriage

Sexual intercourse can be very pleasurable and enjoyable to men and women. However, it is an art that must be learnt and developed. Sex is not scoring 100 out 100 for your performance. It is about having fun with your partner and showing care.Therefore, couples should relax and be prepared to learn about a new world of romance.Sex enhances the love between the husband and the wife. It brings couples close together and most hard feelings melt during and after sex.

Below are eight reasons sex is very vital in marriages:

1. Pleasure

Sex for pleasure is sex in which both partners set out to give and derive maximum excitement. Sex for pleasure is not a performance to display sexual prowess but it involves having real fun with your spouse.

2. As a duty

It is common for a wife to be uninterested or reluctant to have sex because she is emotionally dissatisfied, tired or sick. This natural fallout of events has led to the break-up of many marriages. Let not defraud, cheat, or torture each other by unexpectedly denying or depriving each other of sex. It is your duty to have sex with your partner quiet often. Remember that each time we abstain from sex it must be by mutual consent.

3. Reproduction

Reproduction is one of the products of sex. However, when children enter into world outside the medium of marriage, they are handicapped and often turn out to be delinquent.

4. A way of staying close together as a couple.

The sexual life of a couple is a thermometer of their relationship and love. When the relationship is healthy and strong, they will have sex frequently e.g. honeymoon and early period of marriage. A sign that a couple are no longer close is that they have not had sex for some time. For example, if a couple has not had sex for 1 month, it is a sure sign that they are not flowing together. If they have not had sex for 3 months, it is a sign of serious marital problems.

5. Regular sex prevents adultery.

Wives must realize that it is in their own interest to have sex regularly with their husbands so that they will not be interested in other girls they meet outside the home everyday. Remember that when you are hungry, every food in town looks good to you! Man, always leave home full!

6. A way of expressing your love to your wife or husband.

Romantic behaviour such as kissing, petting, fondling is not meant for sinful boyfriend and girlfriend relationships but for properly married couples. Couples are encouraged to behave romantically.

7. Sex can be a happy ending to some quarrels.

A wife who wants to calm her husband down can have sex with him. However, sex is not substitute for discussing the issue.

8. Sex can be a way of releasing tension.

Sexual activity releases endorphins or causes relaxation that can be useful for a pastor preparing to preach, or for a student going to write an exam, or for someone attending an interview, or for a footballer who is tensed up for a match.

Hey! enjoy your sex life with gladness!

Attention Lovers: Are You Ready For Valentine’s Day?

You may be wondering why I’m talking about Valentine’s Day when Christmas is barely over, and you’re still eating left-over turkey! The New Year has only just begun and, at least for those of us in the frigid North, it’s time to snuggle up in front of the fire and watch our favourite TV shows (again)!

But wait, the most romantic day of the year is just around the corner!

Valentine’s Day is February 14th and it will be here before you know it.

So, follow these 4 simple steps to make this the most romantic Valentine’s Day ever!

Plan Ahead: Remember the date, set a reminder for yourself, and start planning today – it’s never too early (or late) to start!

Choose a Valentine’s Day Card: Buy or, better still, make a card and add a personal, romantic quote, such as: “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Kittens {or insert favourite pet, car, etc} are beautiful, and so are you!”

Make Dinner Reservations for two at your favourite restaurant

Choose a Romantic Gift: Start with the basics, a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, then move on to something even more romantic. Need help? Check out some of the great gift ideas below.

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts

The most romantic gifts that you can give your partner on Valentine’s Day are the one’s that come from your heart, not from your wallet. Consider:

The Gift of Time: Take the day off, spend some time together, go for a long walk, or visit the local zoo or art gallery.

Personalized Gift: Find a gift that will remind your partner of how you met, or places that you’ve been for a romantic getaway together. For example, turn your favourite photographs into memorable gifts such as his-and-hers matching T-shirts, plates or coffee mugs.

Engraved Gifts: Choose from a wide range of items that can be engraved with one or both of your names: key rings, tankards, photo frames, pens – the choice is almost unlimited.

But, just in case you are not creative, or don’t have the time, then here are some other ideas:

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Couples

Here are some gift ideas for couples to share:

Life Experiences: Many retailers offer gift cards for life experiences, such as white water rafting, ballooning, romantic getaways, golfing, a day at the spa. There are so many romantic things you can do together!

Custom-Made Couples Bobble Heads: Imagine the smile on your partner’s face when you give the gift of a custom-made Couples Bobble Head! One of the premier Bobble Head companies is Working from photos that you provide, it can take 4 to 6 weeks to complete your Couples Bobble Head so order yours today to be ready for the big day.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Here are some ideas for your girl:

Jewellery: A perfect gift to show your love – choose from rings, necklaces, earrings, brooches, bracelets, watches and much more.
Leather Coats: An ideal gift with many designs to choose from including stylish leather jackets and blazers, sheepskin coats, skirts and dresses, winter coats, tops and vests.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Here are some ideas for your man:

Electronics: The secret to a romantic gift is to find an electronic gift or gadget that you can both share – perhaps a pair of mobile phones with free calling to each other, or a game that you can both play.

Cameras: Capture the memorable moments in your life – romantic getaways, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day, of course! And, even if your man already has a camera, there is a wide range of accessories to choose from including lenses, tripods and memory cards.

Characteristics of Live Chat Agents

An effective live chat agent is the face of a company. He will be the only person who can give a good user experience to your website visitors and convert them into your delighted and loyal customers. Here we have picked some characteristics of an effective live chat agent which plays an important role in customer engagement.

Domain Knowledge & Product Knowledge

In maximum cases chat agents is the first point of contact for your company. Many visitors like to discuss their requirement with a live agent rather than reading the content available on websites. So the conversion depends on chat agents domain knowledge and his command over the product and its customization limits. So it is an excellent idea to keep your chat agents in the loop with regard to new product launches, product specification including technical specifications, payment policies, refund policies and total product knowledge. Successful operators should be well-versed with the platform’s features,functionality and operability. Insist that they study all software documentation, request explanations when features are unclear, and stay ahead of the game by familiarizing themselves with product updates, enhancements and new versions.

Live Support and Language Competency

Before recruiting a live chat agent for your company, ensure their command over language. It should not meet the level but exceed minimal requirements and prevailing industry standards. It can be checked by conducting a writing test, group discussion for them. Language skills is the most important factor in recruitment process because when it comes to live customer engagement, language competency is and will always remain a prerequisite to an effective chat-centric service delivery model.

Proper and Accurate use of Canned Messages in Live Chat

Chat operator should be fully conversant with the content of each canned messages in your live chat canned messages directory. So that they would not send any wrong messages to your visitors and customers. An effective chat agent spend his lean time proactively reading, edit and creating new canned messages while waiting for chat requests.

Proactive Invitation & Reduced Response Time during Live Support Interactions

A good live chat operator is proactively invite your website visitors to help them in understating the product and meets the product with their requirement. He never waits for chat requests. Live chat agent should be capable of handling multiple chats as well as respond them quickly. So response time should be reduced during live support interaction.

The Marketing mantra of Live Engagement

Successful customer service can be delivering only when the live chat agent is polite and smooth- talking. Successful chat operators are blessed with an arsenal of tools and features to help them up-sell and recommend additional purchases. They include proactive live chat, chat invitation popup, co-browsing, Push URLs– you get the picture. You can not only encourage your chat operators to gently market additional products and services to your online customers but also provide small commissions as incentives. Chat operators need to be reminded at all times, however, that they are customer service representatives first and marketers later.

Delivering a Positive User Experience through Live Chat

Delighted customers are not simply loyal customers but also returning customers. Your customers are your first line of engagement when it comes to marketing regiments and promotions. Much has been written in the broader context of the Internet about viral and word-of-mouth marketing most of which rightly suggests that in-person marketing can demonstrate high success rates because it comes with implied endorsements that are reliable. Successful chat operators do not simply answer questions and up-sell but also build bridges with your customers with the hope that they will return and ask for more not just once but many times.

Internet Dating, What You Need To Know

Internet dating is generally transported on through live chat or email. Inside your communications, keep it short, easy and sweet. It’s certainly a procedure. So, it requires time, lots of persistence to look, screen and email, chat and date before you decide to succeed. Based on comScore Systems, which monitors consumer behavior on the web, 40 million Americans visited a minumum of one online dating service in August — 27 percent of Online users for your month.

Internet dating is among the most affordable methods to satisfy the most number of individuals in an exceedingly small amount of time. Bear in mind ladies, women could be picky due to the gender imbalance. internet dating is great and fun, but you will not necessarily know who that individual is alternatively finish. For the know, the individual you’ve been communicating with and exchanging emails with for a while now’s only playing a cruel prank and making fun individuals.

The concept that you are able to share personal info with someone before you’ve met face-to-face may even exacerbate individuals worries. Don’t worry, though, professionals state that internet dating is really as safe just like any other way of meeting potential partners.

You will find individuals who place an advertisement if you don’t take it seriously, and a few could even attempt to scam you, but that is just like the real life, right? . Internet dating is really a thrilling, frustrating, amazing, confusing, amusing, aggravating, heartbreaking and exciting ride ride. The only real individuals who can definitely understand the ups and downs of the “meet market” phenomenon are individuals who share this experience. This method to meeting people is fun, especially considering a dating site your matchmaker. Whenever a dating site has effective matchmaking abilities like Yahoo for instance!

Internet dating is simple to confuse with reality, because online we each reach constitute a real possibility about ourselves. And because you can only get across a small sector of yourself with a few words along with a couple of pictures, this the truth is usually missing some important details, as you would expect! Internet dating is, actually, considered standard for many singles. It’s a fun method to meet other singles. You are able to date for a short while, possess a friendly chat or more, after which part.

Internet Dating is, and stays a forever growing occurrence around the internet and it has been from the moment when singles were first uncovered to this kind of chance, to come across potential partners. Singles have fun with the reality they get a spouse without the potential risks of likely to bars, club and extra places and scenes for singles. It’s a very viable beginning point for any relationship, however a relationship cannot thrive without some real-existence contact! Begin by speaking around the telephone. Internet dating is not for everybody, so you will need to determine if it’s best for you or otherwise. Lots of people allow us great friendships with individuals they have met online.

Internet dating works, but it’s effort. It’s a figures game, the greater people you contact, the greater your opportunity to find your match. Online dating continues to be ideal for the. It’s warmed a whole generation of users to the possibilities of getting assist in their dating adventures.